• on Feb 06, 2023

You will enjoy your Indian experience more with these 8 tips. 
I am only giving some pointers here. You will join the dots to know the depth of the experiences I am talking about.

  1. Choose to stay in small boutique homestays or farm stays. Simplicity is better than luxury when delivered in an ethnic style, and will make your experience more insightful.
  2. Carry your own water bottle which you can fill up. Use options to lower your plastic use and carbon footprint.
  3. Regain your health. India is the land of yummy vegetarian food. Spend an hour or two learning yoga and meditation.
  4. If you are a birder and looking for a particular species, do what you must, but see if you can observe the bird or animal rather than objectifying it. It is life, after all.
  5. Shop in local markets and promote fair trade.
  6. Impart knowledge as you go along. Also, learn from the people you meet. Many dimensions of local wisdom are worth taking home.
  7. Find out ways to engage in wildlife conservation. Humans will save people. The real shift will be when humans keep those that work round the clock behind the scenes.
  8. Choose a local ground travel operator who is sensitive to these issues.

Do you have any more tips? I’d love to hear what you think.

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