Earth Walks In Delhi Lodhi Garden

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Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden, a birding paradise in the heart of the city, is one of the best habitats for beginners, nature lovers, and photographers. Apart from a large variety of garden birds found here, Lodi Garden is also a great place for small insects, butterflies, and a perfect place to see the congregation of Black Kites.

We will meet at Gate #1 at 0800 AM in the morning for bird watching. Later, after our birding session, we will have the opportunity to interact with him to know more about the behavior and ecology of the species in this area.

Here's What You'll Discover...

✔ Learn more about the ecosystem and not just the star species
✔ Gain a new outlook on conservation as you will look at all the aspects 
✔ Explore how community tourism is helping showcase nature hotspots and helping save them;
✔ Check out some amazing natural spaces around your home cities;
✔ Short outings make for the perfect easy break to reconnect with nature;
✔ Spend time in the company of enthusiastic and experienced professionals in natural history;
✔ Learn more about local traditions and ways of life as you interact with local communities;
✔ A chance to look at popular destinations in a new light


✔ The amount you pay will be for the escort who will be your guide too. If needed, we will seek help from a local guide or invite the subject expert.

Not Included
  • If there are friends and not family members, we will consider them as separate participants.
  • The participants will have to bear the cost of travel to the venue or you may travel on your own transport.
  • The participants will have to pay the cost of any expenditure incurred, such as entrance fee, camera fee, rides, cycle hire, etc.
  • Please bring your own food, snacks, drinks, medicines, water bottles, etc
  • You may buy food items from the local shops or eating places.


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